Candleinfinity Purple Candle Jars

Candleinfinity Colors Collection is a bold creation of bright, vivid colored candle jars with fragrances that will touch your senses. CHOOSE your JAR COLOR and then CHOOSE your FRAGRANCE to create your own unique combination of charm and zest. Candleinfinity Colors Collection has a unique style that will bring a modern pizzazz to any room in the house. All Candleinfinity candles use recycled glass and are hand poured, all natural soy, and use only cotton wicks.

Candleinfinity Purple Small Square Jar Candle


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60 Hours / 3" Tall/ 3" Width / Choose Your Own Fragrance / All Natural Soy Blend / Cotton / Candleinfinity
Candleinfinity Purple Small Square 7.5 oz Candle Jar is vibrant purple. Candleinfinity Colors Collection is a bold creation of... More
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