Archipelago Signature Collection

Buy Archipelago Candles online. Archipelago Premium Candles are hand-poured soy wax blend that burn longer and cleaner than regular common candles. Archipelago Signature Collection will deliver unique fragrances of florals, fruity, woodsy, herbal, fresh green, or delicious gourmand.  The intoxicating scent is amazing in any room of the house or office.   


Archipelago Tahitian Lime Diffuser


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11.5" Tall with reeds / Archipelago
Archipelago Tahitian Lime 7.85 fl oz Diffuser has a citrus scent of Tahitian Lime. Archipelago Tahitian Lime Diffuser is perfect for any room in your home.
10 days

Archipelago Verbena Basil Candle


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4" Tall/2.75" Width / Soy Wax Blend / Cotton / Archipelago
Archipelago Verbena Basil 5.25 oz Candle has a comforting scent of Verbena and Basil. These candles are made with a natural soy wax blend to burn longer and... More
10 days